Yellow Breeches Creek

The popularity of this limestone stream in south-central Pennsylvania certainly cannot be overstated. Farms, residential areas, and patches of woods dot the landscape along the Yellow Breeches. The Yellow Breeches is fed by limestone and freestone tributaries so the flow of the water varies greatly with rainfall, and it is not uncommon to become off color with heavier rain. The story is, that during the Revolutionary War, when the British soldiers, wearing their white breeches, crossed the creek or washed their breeches in the creek they became stained from the yellow tint of the water. Hence the name, "Yellow Breeches Creek".

The Pennsylvania Fish Commission stocks trout prior to opening day and several times throughout season. The stream has a decent mix of stocked, wild, and fish that have carried over from the previous season. Brown and brook trout are the most prevalent wild fish in the stream. Rainbows are stocked each year and it is not uncommon to land a 20 inch fish.

Although many veteran fly fishers like to wade while fishing, most of the fishing is easily accomplished from the streambank. Hip boots work well since most wading can be done close to the streambank. To fish most of the main section of the stream, one would need waders since many areas are at least waist deep on the slower pools of water.

There is a catch and release fishing area along the stream near Boiling Springs which calls for the use of flies and artificial lures only. This area is often fished year round and can be crowded during peak hatches of the more renowned flies like the whites and tricos.

Fly fishers from all over the world come to fish the stream and try their luck at catching trout that rise to the surface for terrestrial flies or to snatch a drifting nymph.

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